"Her Royal Hanger was inspired when I went shopping for tops with unusual necklines & sleeves because I had just successfully overcome a bout with cancer that had left my toned arms baggy and crepey. I had been a personal trainer for the New York Rangers (a hockey team) and had always valued being fit and healthy, so this was not acceptable to me. Toned recovery was not going to happen. So I began a long search for tops that would cover my saggy underarms. These styles seemed not to be visible on the hanger and were mostly on the floor. I asked around and found salespeople and other women who were as frustrated as me. A new hanger was needed, so I created it!

And a four-notch hanger with soft teeth grips was born. Over time, I discovered there were even more uses for a four-notch hanger. In fact, this hanger was even better than what was on the market. And so HER ROYAL HANGER® was born.”

What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within out to the world, miracles happen.” -Henry Stanley Haskins

Before Polka Dot 36.png
Polka Dot 36.png

Clearly see unusual necklines ON the hanger

HRH Diagram.png

Now there is a hanger designed for ALL your needs:

  • Layer clothes

  • Hang Purses

  • Accessorize outfits

  • See unusual necklines ON the hanger


SEE FOR YOURSELF how Her Royal Hanger® can double the use of your hanger and save you time.